Dental Fillings in Bellevue, TN

Restore Your Teeth and Maintain a Healthy Smile

Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay

Dental fillings are single or combinations of metals, plastics, glass or other materials used to repair or restore teeth. One of the most popular uses of fillings is to “fill” an area of tooth that your dentist has removed due to decay – “a cavity.” Dental fillings play a crucial role in repairing cavities and preserving the structure of your teeth. At our practice, Dr. Bob Wilson utilizes his expertise and the latest dental technology to ensure that your dental fillings are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Fillings Are Important

When tooth decay leads to cavities, dental fillings become necessary to remove the decay and restore the tooth's structure. Fillings help prevent further damage and preserve the tooth's function while maintaining a natural appearance.

The Filling Process

The dental filling procedure is a relatively quick and simple process. Dr. Wilson will first remove the decayed portion of the tooth and clean the area thoroughly. He will then apply the chosen filling material to the cavity, shape it to fit the natural contours of the tooth, and harden it using a specialized light. This results in a durable, long-lasting restoration that allows you to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

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