Full-Mouth Dental Crowns in Bellevue, TN

Transform Your Smile with Comprehensive Restorations

Restore Form and Function with our Full-Mouth Crown Treatment

Full mouth crowns offer a comprehensive solution for patients with multiple damaged or decayed teeth. By combining advanced dental techniques and materials, Dr. Bob Wilson can create customized restorations designed to improve your oral health, function, and appearance. With full mouth crowns, you can enjoy a revitalized smile and renewed confidence.

What Are Full Mouth Crowns?

Full mouth crowns involve the placement of dental crowns on most or all of the teeth to address a range of dental issues. Crowns are custom-made caps that fit over the entire tooth, providing strength and protection while improving aesthetics. They are made from various materials, including porcelain, zirconia, or porcelain fused to metal, and are designed to mimic the natural appearance of your teeth.

When Are Full Mouth Crowns Recommended?

Full mouth crowns may be recommended for patients with extensive dental issues, such as severe tooth decay, worn teeth from grinding, broken or cracked teeth, or bite misalignment. This comprehensive treatment can also benefit patients with multiple missing teeth or those who have undergone root canal therapy. By addressing all dental concerns at once, full mouth crowns can significantly improve oral health and function while enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

The Full Mouth Crown Process

The full mouth crown process begins with a thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Wilson to determine if this treatment is suitable for your unique needs. Once a treatment plan is established, your teeth will be prepared, and impressions will be taken to create your custom crowns. Temporary crowns will be placed to protect your teeth until the permanent restorations are ready. During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Wilson will ensure the crowns fit comfortably and provide the desired aesthetic results before cementing them in place. With proper care and maintenance, your full mouth crowns can provide long-lasting, beautiful results.

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