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Fixing Loose Crowns to Protect Your Teeth

A dental crown is an essential part of restorative dentistry, designed to protect and restore the function of a damaged tooth. Over time, a crown may become loose or even fall out, compromising the integrity of your tooth. At our practice, we provide crown recementation services to ensure your dental crown stays in place, preserving your oral health and beautiful smile.

Why Crowns Become Loose

A dental crown can become loose for several reasons, including tooth decay, trauma, or the gradual wear of dental cement. When a crown loosens, it is crucial to seek professional help to prevent further complications, such as infection or damage to the tooth underneath.

The Recementation Process

Our skilled team will assess the condition of your tooth and the crown itself to determine if recementation is the appropriate solution. If suitable, we will thoroughly clean the tooth and the crown, apply fresh dental cement, and carefully reattach the crown to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Caring for Your Recemented Crown

After the crown recementation, it's essential to maintain proper oral hygiene and visit us regularly for checkups and cleanings. This helps ensure the longevity of your dental crown and supports overall oral health. Additionally, avoiding hard foods and not using your teeth as tools can help prevent future issues with your crown.

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